Monday, April 13, 2009

"Short Excursions- Lomograpy" by Mark Seow

Toronto photographer, producer and film maker Mark Seow's  first exhibition "Short Excursions - Lomography".

There is a certain amount of creative freedom offered by a
 camera with limited (technical) options. Lomography encourages photographers to rely on instinct with a  "shoot now, ask questions later" philosophy. The size and weight of "Lomo- Fisheye" makes for a perfect second (or first) camera when on the road. Combine this with the knowledge of timed exposures in existing light and you (what I feel) is a very portable device capable of capturing very unique images.

Photographed with a a lomo fisheye camera, Seow's first exhibition documents his excursions in and around the GTA over the last two years. Please join us Tuesday April 21st for the opening exhibition! Opening exhibition also features DJ Chris Colohan (Cursed, High Anxiety Records)

Please join us for the opening night part Tuesday April 21st- 7-10pm Upstairs a the Rivoli!