Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last Exhibition For Downtown Art and Sound at the Rivoli!

I would just like to thank all the artists who participated in Downtown Art and Sounds photo exhibitions! A big thanks to all who came out and supported us. It was a great time!!
Please check out new exhibitions at The Rivoli.

Many Thanks!

Monday, April 13, 2009

"Short Excursions- Lomograpy" by Mark Seow

Toronto photographer, producer and film maker Mark Seow's  first exhibition "Short Excursions - Lomography".

There is a certain amount of creative freedom offered by a
 camera with limited (technical) options. Lomography encourages photographers to rely on instinct with a  "shoot now, ask questions later" philosophy. The size and weight of "Lomo- Fisheye" makes for a perfect second (or first) camera when on the road. Combine this with the knowledge of timed exposures in existing light and you (what I feel) is a very portable device capable of capturing very unique images.

Photographed with a a lomo fisheye camera, Seow's first exhibition documents his excursions in and around the GTA over the last two years. Please join us Tuesday April 21st for the opening exhibition! Opening exhibition also features DJ Chris Colohan (Cursed, High Anxiety Records)

Please join us for the opening night part Tuesday April 21st- 7-10pm Upstairs a the Rivoli!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Erin Finley "BERLIN"

Downtown Art + Sound is proud to present Berlin by  Erin Finley.
Finley is a visual artist working in drawing and painting. She has exhibited at galleries in Canada and the United States including MOCCA (Toronto), CBGB’s (Manhattan), Femina Potens (San Francisco), Loop Gallery (Toronto), Gallery 180 (Chicago), Lennox Contemporary (Toronto), Gallery 1313 (Toronto), Project Spaceman (Brooklyn), Nickel Arts Museum (Calgary), and Lula Lounge (Toronto). Her academic research on contemporary art has been presented at the McCord Museum, Brock University, McGill University, Université du Québec a Montréal, University of British Columbia, State University of New York, University of Ottawa, and the American Popular Culture Association. Previous bodies of work have focused on the beautiful and the abject in the bawdy realms of professional wrestling, punk music, and pornography.

 The late and little-known Nadia Nefariously was a punk performer whose sole album, 1978’s 
Cinderacula, was inspired by Lou Reed. She and Reed were lovers for a short while, their affair a tumultuous but creative one, spawning several pieces of music for Reed also.
Berlin is a sentimental look back at their star-cross’d story which started here, among Queen Street’s historic nightclubs, when – as legend has it – Nadia Nefariously put out her cigarette in Lou Reed’s back. It was love at first sight.

Please join us for the opening night party on  Tuesday March 17, at 7:00pm at the Rivoli, upstairs in the Lounge. DTA+S is also pleased to have Guest Dj's - DJ Gay and DJ OBGYN!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Urban Fragments exhibition!

Thanks to all who came out to the opening of "Urban Fragments" and to photographer Louis Au, and guest Dj Chris Colohan.
Next month we will be exhibiting work from Erin Finley. Please check back for more details. BG

For those who cannot make it to the Rivoli or if you just want to see the exhibit again, go to Print details and pricing are available under each images' details.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Featured DJ for the opening exhibit of Louis Au's "Urban Fragments"

Chris Colohan, formerly of Cursed, runs High Anxiety Records and currently plays in the bands Burning Love and Mature Situations. He will be spinning a variety of styles, from soul to punk and everything in between (The Equals, Allan Toussaint, Pretty Things, The Kinks, The Boys, 999 and much more).

Urban Fragments ....A bit about the photographer.

Photographer, Digital imaging specialist and educator, Louis Au spent the the first half of his life growing up in Macau and Hong Kong, until finally emigrating to Canada in 1981. Au currently resides in Toronto with his wife and two sons.

Before earning his Honours degree in Fine Arts at York University, Au dabbled in graphic design and fell in love with art history and art in all its forms. Au embraces both the traditional art form of black and white photography and the modern technology of capturing images in bits and bytes. After working in the photography industry for over 20 years Louis Au is exhibiting his first body of work "Urban fragments...alien world of urban terrain" as part Downtown Art + Sound's monthly event at the Rivoli.

Au's work as a photographer records his fascination with urban decay. By documenting the corrosive nature of time through the lens and  he pays tribute to the fragmentations of old relics often left to rot until demolition. Capturing the alien world of urban terrain is a dominating theme of Au's work.  Please Join us on Tuesday, Feb. 17th upstairs at the Rivoli.


Sunday, February 8, 2009


Downtown Art + Sound is proud to present Toronto photographer Louis Au's first exhibition "Urban Fragments ...... alien world of urban terrain". The exhibition will be on from Feb. until March 7th . Please join us for the opening night reception Tuesday, february 17th upstairs at the Rivoli, featuring Chris Colohan (Cursed) Djaying soul and punk, from The Boys to the Equals.